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Kulich (Easter bread)

2,2lb (1kg) wheat flour;
1,5 cup milk;
1,5 cup sugar;
0.7 lb (300g) butter;
6 eggs;
1.4 oz (40g) dried yeast;
0,75 tsp salt;
0.3lb (150g) raisins;
0,1 lb (50g) candied fruits (succades) (chopped);
0,1 lb (50g) almond (chopped);
0,5 vanilla bean

Mix the yeast with the warm milk. Add 1,1lb flour then mix well. Put the dough into hot place. When the dough rise double, add salt, 5 egg yolks (stirred with sugar, vanilla) and butter. Mix well. Beat up eggwhites. Add eggwhites and 1,1lb flour into the mixture, then mix. Put the dough into hot place and let it raise again 2 times of original volume. Add raisins, candied fruits and almond then mix. Smear baking form with butter. Place the dough to the baking form (1/2 depth of form only). Put the dough into hot place until it raised for 3/4 depth of form. Smear the top of dough with stirred yolk and put the baking form into oven (medium hot) for 50-60 minutes. Check for readiness with a thin sharp stick (stick comes out of it dry). Sprinkle kulich with powdered sugar after cooling.

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